Tehran94 - Ther first Persian graffiti exhibition in Cologne

After the success of Tehran94 in Berlin I got an invitation from Diwan Deutsch Iranische Begegnungen to manage a graffiti exhibition in Cologne and in the context of the Sounds of Iran festival.
In cooperation with Dedicated Store Cologne we have organized the exhibition. There were artwoks by BamBam, Cave2, Dej Crew, Oham One and Rend One and the event was supported by Loop Colors.

Tehran94 - The first Persian graffiti exhibition in Berlin

Between July 19-23 2015 I organized the first persian graffiti exhibiton in Berlin without any financial support and just by myself. The exhibition was a really small event but it has attracted more than 3000 people to come and visit the exhibition.

The exhibition took place in SomoS gallery and the artists were:
Oham One - Cave2 - Hoshvar! - BamBam - Rend One - Jason and PST

Oham One x Art Warning the World

"Art warning the world" is a global artwork for the Freedom's defense created by French visual artist Klaus Guingand in collaboration with 201 visual artists. For the first time in the world 202 visual artists living in 200 different countries have created a except standards artwork to warn humanity than ever before the (our) freedom was so close to disappear.


"Art warning the world" it's 200 countries, 202 artists, 202 flags, 202 videos, 202 photos and a warning translates into 135 National languages.

Together these 202 artworks are a masterpiece of art engaged which is for every human.


Convinced that the word freedom (and all that it represents and involves) will disappear from the dictionaries, Klaus Guingand invited 201 artists to it to join him to created this artwork to warn humanity of the risks that it incurs if it does not react in time. Each of these artists lives in his country. Each artist has translated into his national language (s) this warning of Klaus Guingand:

“When the word freedom ceases to appear from dictionaries,it will be too late to react."


Each artists then included this warning on its national flag and also made a one-minute video and a picture. 

These 202 artists is the Sentinels of the world, their work is a warning given to humanity. Together these artists have acted in the interest of humanity, their purpose is to inform us. Each of these artists viscerally loves his country, its history, its people and its cultures.

This artwork embodies the true humanism and proves that a global fraternity is possible. 

Art is sometimes prophetic but these 202 artists wish that the prophecy of "Art warning the world" will never materialize.


Klaus Guingand said;  “Freedom is the fundamental value of humanity.  I acted as a man and free artist contains the world status, difficulties and  (or) suffering that live or will live my contemporaries.  My priority is human, I am for an art effective and useful to Humans, because if the majority of mankind is not interested in the art, it is art is deaf and blind to the realities of the world."  

Oham in Art Warning the World

Oham x Dedicated x BBC

Oham One x KlangFabrik (Graffiti Workshop)

After the project with primary school of Faulbach I got a new offer from KlangFabrik in Miltenberg,Bavaria to manage a graffiti workshop for children and teenagers.
The same process was practiced on 4th of May 2014 with them and again it was supported by Montana Cans.


Starke Schule-Starke Kinder


"Starke Schule - Starke Kinder" which means "Strong School - Strong Children" was my first project in Germany. 
As I came to Germany as a political refugee it was not easy to integrate myself with the new place and people. As I got an offer from the primary school in Faulbach,Bavaria it was a good chance to start.

The project had two phases. 
- Presentation of graffiti history, forms and letters and practicing them together on the paper.

- Making our own graffitis and practicing them with spray cans.


The project was supported by Montana Cans.


Oham One x RedBull


Winter 2012 as I worked with RedBull Iran I painted more projects for the company. This one was my first experience with calligraphy in Dizin ski resort near Tehran.
I wrote "RedBull Love" in Farsi.


Tehran Art University

2012 in Tehran University of Art and during the event GRAP2012-Graffiti Jam, which I've organized to bring the writers together, I painted my piece next to Hoshvar! and Nirone.

Oham One x Hoshvar!

This piece was one of my first collaborations with Hoshvar! . 

Grap2012- Graffiti Jam


Winter semester 2012 was my first time that I experienced the position of event manager fo the first time. I organized the second graffiti jam in Iran in Tehran University of Art and the idea was to bring the artists together to show the unity of graffiti scene.
There were graffiti artists like PST, Hoshvar!, Nirone and some oldschool writers like VAN1. The event was sponsored by Duplicolor Iran.

Oham One x Nirone

2011 in Tehran

This is one of the first pieces with Nirone before founding our crew NO60, which was my first graffiti crew.