Graffiti Meets Reggae
Graffiti Meets Reggae

In July 2014 we had an event in "Statdfest Miltenberg" about Graffiti and Reggae Music in two days.

In first day "Oham" and "Wa!e" worked together on big plates and in second day "Oham" worked alone.

We had Reggae Music from "Dread, Blood and Fire Soundsystem" there.

That was in "Sparkassen Innenhof".

Graffiti Workshop 2014
Graffiti Workshop 2014

In Mars 2014 I had a Graffiti Workshop for Miltenberg youngs.

That was in Two part:

For first we talk about graffiti history and categories,for example: Tags, Throwups and..., than we tried together for make tags and throwups for ourself on Paper.

In second part we maked our Names in Graffiti style on Paper and than painted them on Canvases with SprayCans.


Labyrinthmira Festival
Labyrinthmira Festival

In Spring  2013 I had an Idea about a festival in 7 categories and in collaboration with RedBull Iran and in some meeting with RedBull and Tehran Art University Students we made a programm for Festival.

We accepted "Labyrinthmira" for Festival Name. That means "Dying Labyrinth".

Festival was in 7 categories:

- Architecture

- Graffiti

- Skateboard

- Photography and Multimedia

- Trophy Design

- Textile Design

- Graphic Design

In Architecture part students should designed a "Labyrinth" for graffiti and skateboarding.

Next step was Graffiti, Skateboard and Photography & Multimedia. In one day graffiti artists painted graffiti on "Labyrinth" and skaters doing skate. Photographers should make photos or videos from this event "Graffiti and Skateboard".

Each category had 3 winners and we should have memorial statue for winners, now is trophy design part.

Textile designers should made fabrics with "Labyrinth" elements and showed their skills in textile design.

In the last of festival we had an exhibition about all of categories and graphic designers should made a poster for this exhibition.

All of them were in Tehran Art University and supported by RedBull and Inverse School.

Grap2012- Graffiti Jam
Grap2012- Graffiti Jam

In Autumn 2012 I organized a Graffiti Jam in Tehran Art University.

I wanted show Graffiti and graffiti artists to Art students and masters in University, Because they don`t know nothing about this and they thinking graffiti and streetart just is Vandalism or Satanism in Iran.