Oham One is an Iranian graffiti writer/artist and the founder of Studio Tehran94, an art studio that manages exhibitions and events about Iran, produces podcats in Farsi about Iranian graffiti and youtube program in German/English. In 2009 he started spraying the walls in Tehran and his name went know in the Iranian graffiti scene. In 2013 he had to flee from his homeland. Because of his beliefs and political reasons from 2009 he landed in Europe/Germany.

Before devoting his work part time to Studio Tehran94, Oham served as Event Manager at RedBull Iran. It was the last job he worked for before going to exile. 


In Germany he has to start again and he just accepted some of first offers to manage workshops and it was the start in Germany. In 2013 he visited Berlin as a geust artist in Yard5 Graffiti Jam and he has decided to live in Berlin. But as a refugee it was not so easy to move to another cities, but all the difficulties in 2015 he moved to Berlin and organized the first Iranian graffiti exhibition without any support in Berlin. The event was successful and attracted more than 3000 people to visit the exhibition.


After a few successful events he came to an idea, founding a studio which shows Iranian underground world to Europe. In 2016 he founded Studio Tehran94 and tried to show a parallel world of Iranian (underground living) with exhibitions, film screening etc.


He based now in Berlin and is thinking about new ideas and collaboratios.